3-9 March 2025

Auckland Design Week is a new annual event that spotlights the vibrant design scene in Tāmaki Makaurau, offering a collaborative platform for the city’s creative thinkers, design practitioners, showrooms and retailers to converge and celebrate the essence of design in all its disciplines, and how it informs the way we live.

Chance + Change

We can no longer ignore the exponential rise in technology affecting all aspects of our lives – and therefore how we design across all disciplines. Fearing these advances closes us off to their potential.

Let's explore with an open mind. Let’s interrogate, ask questions, speak to experts and
the next generation. Let’s push hypotheticals, break rules and borrow from other industries.
Chance + Change explores the transformative potential and ethical implications of emerging technologies in the multidisciplinary design landscape. As we navigate through AI, VR, AR, prefabrication, 3D printing, software-generated design and so much more; our event seeks to challenge conventional paradigms and ignite conversations that balance innovation with craftsmanship. This theme invites designers from UX, graphic and animation, product and industrial design, architecture and interiors, the arts, and fashion to reflect on how these tools can elevate their work whilst addressing the fears and ethical considerations associated with technological advancement.

Through installations and collaborations, Chance + Change showcases the dynamic interplay between tradition and technology. Attendees will engage with cutting-edge projects that demonstrate the potential of these tools to enhance productivity and creativity, without sacrificing the essence of the craft. By embracing these innovations, we open up new avenues for design excellence, encouraging a thoughtful dialogue on how to responsibly integrate technology into our creative processes. This theme underscores the importance of adapting to change whilst honouring the foundational principles of design, positioning technology as a valuable ally in the pursuit of artistic and functional brilliance.


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