Amanda Linnell | Editor | APN Media

Moderator for Studio Red design talk

Amanda Linnell is one of the most respected magazine editors in Aotearoa, renowned for creating content that is always at the forefront of our cultural conversation. As the former managing editor of Viva weekly magazine in the New Zealand Herald, for the past 15 years, she was responsible for growing the brand to be a market leader, winning multiple awards across print and online. In 2020 she was pivotal in the launch of the gloss Viva Magazine which immediately became New Zealand’s number one quarterly magazine, won first place in the Best Use of Print at the INMA Global Media Awards in 2021, and was inducted into Kātoitoi – the Aotearoa Design Archive. Architecture, design and luxury are all areas, as a lifestyle editor, Amanda has a discerning respect and knowledge of, making her the perfect person to discuss the design approach and build of the award-winning luxury yoga space Studio Red with architect and director DJ Tai of Cheshire Architects.