Hercules Noble | Celeb / Private Chef | Hercules Noble Food

Host of food design event

Brimming with flavour and personality, Herc is taking the dining and digital worlds by storm. Herc discovered his love of cooking in high school, largely inspired by Jamie Oliver. Whilst he’s predominantly self-taught, his love of cooking has taken him all the way to kitchens in Europe. During his time in Bandol in the South of France, Herc quickly found himself cooking for both the owner, staff and guests on a daily basis, despite his original role being a cellar hand. His time in the Mediterranean had a big impact on his style and preferred palette when cooking. Fresh produce, rustic simplicity and meticulous presentation are all staples of a Hercules Noble dish. Working in an open kitchen att Ozone Café in London has helped curate the charm, style and entertaining aspects that all come with having Hercules Noble in your kitchen; meanwhile in working alongside a dietician in New York, he developed his knowledge of macro and micronutrients of products. The value of food for Hercules goes beyond just tasty, he wants people to feel good after one of his creations. Known well on social media for his alter ego, where he satirically refers to himself in the third person as ‘mans’, Hercules reflects not only his confidence, but his humour and personal style. At his core, Herc is a people person. Whether it is through food, fitness, fashion or his endearing frivolity, Hercules is leaving his mark one plate and post at a time, and we can’t wait for our ticketholders to experience this first hand at what is expected to be our most popular event on the ADW programme.