Jayden Klinac | Founder & CEO | Anew

Circularity in design panel speaker

Jayden has spent the past 11 years making materials, products and packaging more sustainable, alongside developing systems that allow for true circularity. He is experienced in bio-material development and circular systems. He has built multiple businesses in this space and worked with some of New Zealand’s and the world’s largest organisations. Jayden has developed plant-based, compostable bottles and packaging as well as plant-based, reusable and recyclable bottles and packaging. Jayden’s goal is to design waste out of the system. On top of tackling the bottled water space, Jayden has been offering new materials and circular systems to develop packaging for other businesses in multiple formats including bottles, jars, films and paper coatings. Jayden is bringing sustainable polymer production to Australasia through leading a PHA facility build and has won multiple national and international awards for his work over the past decade. Join Jayden and others for a panel discussion on circularity as part of the ADW programme.