Mat & Blair | Cardboard Engineers | Think Packaging

Collab partners for our table activation

Like their packaging projects, Think doesn’t fit the standard template. They’re an award-winning structural packaging design agency established in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. Their focus is purely cardboard. Lovely, adaptable, sustainable cardboard: how to cut it, crease it, and engineer it into something unique and ownable for a brand. They take on projects small and large, local and global, for clients who are tired of the norm and looking to express the personality of their products through structural packaging design. The plastic blister pack users and standard box template companies probably hate them. They’re not sorry. Your product is driven by your purpose and deserves packaging that enhances it at every touchpoint. So they obsess over the finer details and dielines, coming at every project with fresh thinking, and produce precise hand cut prototypes so you can feel the passion and craft with your own fingertips. This was no different for our table activation – the creation or their submission!