Wendy Hannah | Artist | XX

Artist contributor to our NZ-design exhibition space

Wendy Hannah is a colour and light artist known for her vibrant reflective sculptural forms.
Her beacons of light are a celebration of what is possible when an artist has an unbridled love of colour, light and play. She has a firm commitment to bringing modern innovation to time honoured processes.
Winner of the Akel prize in the Molly Morpeth Canaday 3d Awards has catapulted her career to a new level. She is working with Botany Town Centre at this time with her Installation “Liberty – Herekoretanga” The installation spans 26m by 8m and holds 31872 camellia flowers made from recycled bottles which not only celebrates our Suffrage Heroines but also the use of waste to create sparkling jewels which hold a narrative of the feminine and ecology.

You can view Wendy Hannah’s work at our NZ-design exhibition space at White Studios.