Alex McLeod | at.space | Interior Design

Bold and Brave Design panelist at Tile Space

Alex McLeod has worked in the field of interiors and design since completing her Bachelor of Architecture 25 years ago. In 2019, after working alongside each other as friends and colleagues for many years, Alex and Tomi Williams realised that combining forces was not only great for the client but also for each other – it was an opportunity to grow and provide well considered and debated design solutions – and at.space was born. As a design studio their passion is to bring together spaces for residential and commercial projects that are harmonious, intentionally consistent and thoughtfully constrained. Colour is integral to their design intent and approach to every project to ensure that it is threaded through seamlessly and at times theatrically. Yet at the heart of every colour scheme is their understanding of a clients requirements. It is their relationship with their clients that determines how this use of colour is then permanently applied and embraced.